Leon Panetta's Daughter is friends with Hugo Chavez-Fiction!

Hugo Chavez is friends with Leon Panetta’s Daughter-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email with an attached photo of controversial Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Sandinistas junta leader Daniel Ortega and photographer Linda Panetta, warning that the daughter of the man chosen by President Obama to lead the CIA is associating with sworn enemies of the United States.

The Truth:

A spokesperson for Linda Panetta’s web site told Truthorfiction.com that Leon Panetta is not her father.   Leon Panetta is the new CIA Director appointed by President Barack H. Obama and the father of three sons.  He has no daughters.

According to her Optical Realities web site, “Linda Panetta is a photojournalist whose work focuses on cultural, environmental and human rights, with a particular emphasis on conflict zones, including: Guatemala and Nicaragua (late 1980’s – 2007); Mexico (Chiapas & Oaxaca), Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia (Putumayo, Barranca, Choco…), Afghanistan (2002), Iraq (2003 / 2004), Palestine (2006 / 2008)”   Click here for Linda’s web site

Accuracy in Media (AIM) reported on January 19, 2009 that she said, “Not only am I not his daughter but unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of meeting this man who has done amazing work in his lifetime,” she said. “He and my father may have been second cousins,” she acknowledged, but under no circumstances is he her father.”  Click for AIM story

updated 01/21/09