Lucy…the body in the coffee table-Fiction!

  Arizona Man Preserves His Dead Wife in a Coffee Table-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
Jeff Green couldn’t bear to part with his deceased wife, Lucy, so he had a special glass enclosure constructed that would preserve her body…and turned it into a coffee table for his front room. 
The eRumor says he got special permission for the project and paid $6,000 to have the box constructed.
The eRumor is circulated with a picture of Jeff and some of his friends enjoying an evening around Lucy.

The Truth:
This idea probably resulted from drinking some of the beers in the picture and the realization that the length of an aquarium (or whatever it is) was about the same as the height of the woman they talked into climbing into it for the picture.
There is no record of any of this, or the people named, in Arizona.