The motorist who thought the Biblical rapture was taking place-Fiction!

The Arkansas Woman Who Thought The Rapture Was Taking Place and Got Killed on a HighwayFiction!

Summary of eRumor:
According to this story, an Arkansas woman is riding in the car with her husband in Arkansas City, Arkansas, when she sees two startling things:  Jesus walking along the side of the road and 12 people floating into the air.  She thinks it’s the event described by Christians as “The Rapture” and suddenly exits the car via the sunroof and ends up being killed on the roadway.  The incident causes a pile-up of 20 other cars who were trying to avoid her.  Police find that the floating people were actually 12 sex balloons filled with helium that had been in the back of a truck being driven to a party by a man who has been told by friends that he looks a lot like Jesus.
The Truth:
These events never took place.
This fictional story was written by Elroy Willis who has a web page he calls “Religion in the News” Updated 2/7/05.  First circulated in about 2001).