President's Half Brother Photographed in Hamas Scarf-Truth!

President’s Half Brother Photographed in Hamas Scarf-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
News articles from the Web allege that Malik Obama, the half brother of President Barack Obama, has been photographed in a Hamas scarf that boasts ‘Jerusalem is ours – We are coming.’
The Truth:
According to a January 29, 2014, article by Britain’s Daily Mail, the photograph was taken in 2010 when Malik Obama was attending the Orphans Development Fund conference in Yemen. The article said that the photo first surfaced on a blog run by Walid Shoebat, formerly a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who identifies himself a peace activist.
Malik was born in Kenya in 1958 and the two brothers first met in 1985. Both brothers stood as best man at each other’s weddings.
Posted  07/30/14