Malik Obama Drops Bombshell: President Obama's Birth Certificate-Fiction!

Malik Obama Drops Bombshell: President Obama’s Birth Certificate-Fiction! 

The Truth:
Malik Obama, President Obama’s half-brother, posted a photo of what appears to be Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate on Twitter.
The Truth:
Malik Obama posted an old photo of a forged Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama from 2009.
The s0-called Kenyan birth certificate for President Obama first surfaced in 2009 when a man named Lucas Smith posted a YouTube video of himself holding the birth certificate in what appears to be an African village. Smith later posted the birth certificate for sale on Ebay for $1 million, but the post was taken because selling government documents violated the auction site’s terms of use:

forged Kenyan birth certificate
An auction for President Obama’s so-called Kenyan birth certificate was posted in 2009.

A short time later, however, the birth certificate was proven to be a fraud. The Kenyan publication Daily Nation pointed out a laundry list of problems and inconsistencies with the birth certificate that proved it was forged. Included in them was the fact the birth certificate lists “Coast Province” in the letter head, which would not have been used in 1964 because Kenyan provinces were referred to as “regions” back then.

Kenyan birth certificate
The Kenyan birth certificate posted by Malik Obama in 2017 matches a forged certificate from 2009.

The Nation listed were other inconsistencies as well: certificates issued during the colonial period were marked “Colony and Protectorate of Kenya,” and today’s have the logo of the Government of Kenya, with a seal, the article continues:

The supposed copy dated 17th February 1964 carries the signature of deputy registrar Joshua Simon Oduya, along with the inscription “Office of the Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya.”

Researchers point out that while Kenya became an independent nation in December 1963, it remained known as the Dominion of Kenya until December 1964 — 10 months after the “certified copy” was allegedly made.

The document also refers to the signature of “registrar E. F. Lavender,” which, The Washington Independent points out, “happened to be the name of a popular soap in Kenya.”

The report also noted that U.K.’s Independent quoted Jon Chessoni, the first secretary of the Kenyan embassy in Washington, as calling the claims “madness,” adding that, “His father, in 1961, would not even have been in Kenya.”

So, it was well established shortly after the birth certificate emerged in 2009 that it was a forgery. Fast forward to March 2017, and the document was drudged up again by Malik Obama, who posted it on Twitter with a simple comment:
It should be noted that Malik Obama has been very critical of Barack Obama, even going as far to endorse President Trump in the 2016 election. Even so, many were surprised that Malik Obama posted the forged 2009 birth certificate on Twitter.