Body of Missing White House Intern Margaret Sanguay Found-Fiction!

Body of Missing White House Intern Margaret Sanguay Found-Fiction! 

Summary of eRumor:
The body of missing Margaret Sanguay, a White House intern who has been missing since 1994, was found hidden in the same burial plot as former White House counsel Vince Foster.
The Truth:
Claims that the body of missing White House intern Margaret Sanguay has been identified are tired to previously debunked rumors that a judged ordered the body of former White House counsel Vince Foster exhumed to re-evaluate his cause of death.
In March 2017, the Last Line of Defense, a website that clearly states “all articles should be considered satirical,” falsely reported that a judge had ordered Vince Foster’s body exhumed to help determine if he was murdered as part of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s alleged plot to silence their political enemies. The story was widely shared, but Last Line of Defense isn’t a trustworthy website, and the report is false.
Still, reports of Vince Foster’s exhumation have fueled lots of “follow-up” fake news reports about the results of the autopsy and the legal and political fallout for the Clintons. False reports that so-called missing White House intern Margaret Sanguay’s body had been found buried near Foster’s body was started by another untrustworthy website, Read Conservatives. A story appearing under the headline,Investigators Make A Gruesome Discovery While Re-Burying Vince Foster,” begins:

After learning everything possible from Vince Foster’s exhumed body before it was stolen and burned, investigators gave the OK to have him reinterred.

On inspection of the grave, it was discovered that the exhumation crew had cracked the concrete vault that held Foster’s casket, requiring it to be replaced.

When they took the old vault out, they made a horrible discovery.

A body, wrapped in an old tarp, had been buried underneath Foster’s vault. The body was removed and sent to the Naval Hospital in Norfolk where it was identified as Margaret Sanguay, a young woman thought to have run away from home in 1994.

Sanguay, as it turns out, worked as a White House intern from 1993 until her disappearance.

She left a handwritten note behind in her Arlington, Virginia apartment stating that she was eloping with her boyfriend and that the couple would be spending the next decade backpacking through Caledonia.

Of course, Vince Foster’s body was never actually exhumed (or reburied), and the body of Margaret Sanguay was not found buried nearby. In fact, we couldn’t find any record of “Margaret Sanguay” in missing persons databases or anywhere else online outside of this report, indicating she never existed.