McDonald's Busted for Human Meat Fillers-Fiction!

McDonald’s Busted for Human Meat Fillers-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Reports have gone viral that human meat was found in the filler, or “pink slime,” that McDonalds allegedly adds to its hamburger meat at a factory in Oklahoma City, and other factories around the world.

The Truth:
This eRumor is fiction, but it undoubtedly spoiled a few appetites.

The team previously investigated a similar false claim that McDonald’s uses worm meat fillers in its hamburgers.

In truth, however, the fast food giant says it doesn’t use any preservatives, fillers, extenders or “pink slime” in its beef at all. The company said it began removing pink slime — textured beef treated with ammonia — from its supply chain before it attracted widespread media attention in 2011.

The video of “pink slime” that accompanies the image is also a hoax. The image shows the mechanical separation of chicken parts at a Tyson Foods facility in October 2013, Food Safety News reports. first reported the human meat allegations in July 2014. The website claims to publish “a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” This particular story falls into the latter category.

The eRumor played off actual news reports about tainted meet being supplied to McDonald’s restaurants in China in July 2014. It went viral amid worldwide panic.

Posted  09/24/14