Meet Maine 's New Governor Paul R. LePage-Opinion!

Meet Maine ‘s New Governor Paul R. LePage-Opinion!

Summary of eRumor:
This is a forwarded email about Paul R. LePage, Governor of the state of Maine.
The Truth:
This is someone’s opinion of Governor LePage and we are still looking for the source of the article.  We believe it to have possibly originated on a political blog.
According to a January 8, 2014 article by Politico Republic Governor LePage did say that President Obama could “go to hell” and was reported to tell supporters that the president “hates white people.” The article said that an apology was later offered by LePage.
The Politico article also reported on the remarks made by LePage after the NAACP complained about his refusal to attend a Martin Luther King breakfast.   Politico quoted the Governor’s response as “kiss my butt.”

Posted 01/23/14