Minnesota Man Recounts Spring Break Nightmare-Reported as Truth!

Minnesota Man Recounts Spring Break Nightmare-Reported as Truth!

Summary of eRumor:
Evan Tweed, a dad from Lakeville, Minnesota, recounted his spring break nightmare in Mexico in a social media post that has gone viral.
The Truth:
Accounts of Evan Tweed’s spring break nightmare in Mexico appear to be true.
The story first appeared at the website of online newspaper Sun This Week under the headline, “Spring Break Nightmare in Mexico.”
The story recounts how Evan Tweed was arrested and thrown in a Mexican jail during an altercation in a nightclub while on vacation with his family.
Tweed said security guards quickly surrounded him after an altercation broke out and later turned him over to Mexican police. That first report was short of important details like what the altercation was about, and what Tweed had been accused of.
However, a local CBS News affiliate in Minnesota picked up the story and filled in some of those details. As it turns out, a woman accused Tweed of punching her during an altercation at a bar:

“Our deal is to have a week in the sun and a nice big vacation with a lot of people that we knew and that was our intent, and it went sour,” Tweed said.

That’s putting it lightly. It started nicely.  But as a group of parents went out for an after dinner drink at one of their resort’s bars  a scuffle broke out, a woman claimed Tweed punched her in the face. His friends say he never touched anyone.

“The scene was chaotic, a lot of people were screaming and yelling,” Durst said.

Tweed says hotel security, “Got physical, threw me down, put a knee in my back, handcuffed me.”

Then things got more intense. They turned him over to the Mexican police, took him away, cuffed and under an armed guard.

Tweed was booked into jail and said that he came across a woman from Eagan, Minnesota, who was also unsure why she had been arrested. A friend of Tweed’s paid the police $180 each for the release of Tweed and the Eagan woman the next day.
Tweed has typed up a full, five-page account of his spring break nightmare in Mexico. You can read his entire account here.
And, while we’re reporting this one as truth, it’s important to note that we’ve only heard one side of the story. Witness accounts and police reports of the altercation in which Tweed allegedly struck a woman are unavailable, so it’s impossible to independently verify Tweed’s claims that he didn’t commit any crimes and was wrongfully arrested.