Letter to Editor Titled "More Modern Way of Living"-Opinion or Satire?

Letter to Editor Titled “More Modern Way of Living”-Opinion or Satire?

Summary of eRumor:

This is a letter to the editor of a newspaper called “More Modern Way of Living” that has gone viral on the Internet.   It is alleged to have been written by an anonymous  “Proud Democrat” but the comments made in the letter are very humorous.  Many wonder if it is sincere.

The Truth:

This letter was sent to Carteret County News-Times and published in the editorial section on January 23, 2013.   The author chose to remain anonymous and nobody knows at this time if the unknown writer was being serious or sarcastic.  This according to a February 15, 2013 article by the Carteret County News-Times in Morehead City, North Carolina.

The article said that the letter caught the eye of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh who read it on his radio program a few weeks later on February 15th.

Posted 02/25/14