Save MSN Messaging-Fiction!

 Forward An Email Petition to Save MSN Messaging-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
This warning says that MSN Messenger is going to be discontinued by September 14th, 2001. If you forward the email to everyone you know, however, each message will count as a “signature” on a petition and 500,000 signatures will save MSN Messenger.  If 500,000 signatures are not received, MSN will start charging $5 per account for the service.  Some versions also include Hotmail in the warning.  There is another version that says you must forward the email you received within 30 minutes, or you’ll lose your account.

The Truth:
This is a hoax.  It’s part of a cluster of similar emails that have been sent about other free messaging services, also hoaxes.  There is no such plan by MSN and there is no way this email would help if there was.  It asks for a “petition” of 500,000 “signatures” but doesn’t say how the petition is supposed to get to MSN.  There isn’t any system being used on the Internet that would keep track of your forwarded emails and report the results to MSN.
One of the versions of the hoax says MSN wants to hear from you in order to know how many members are active.  MSN would already know that and wouldn’t need you to send them an email for them to find out.