MyPillow Guy ‘Lindell: Capitol Rioters Were Drugged By Antifa Sluts’

On February 5 2021, “Business Standard News” published an item with the headline, “Lindell: Capitol Rioters Were Drugged By Antifa Sluts,” which claimed — true to its headline — that MyPillow’s chief executive officer Mike Lindell blamed the actions of Capitol insurrectionists on promiscuous antifa sympathizers armed with recreational drugs.

It began with a claim that Lindell fleshed out his theories about antifa and the Capitol breach via the app Parler:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is fast becoming known as the nation’s kookiest conspiracy theorist. His latest theory takes the cake.

In a post on social media dumpster fire Parler, Lindell produced a new spin on the real reason behind the Capitol attack.

“The rioters were hypnotized by antifa temptresses who hid psychoactive drugs in their vaginas,” said Lindell. “If you look at the video, many of the rioters had crazed looks in their eyes.”

Several Trump supporters are still clinging to the ridiculous fantasy that antifa was behind the attack, not Trump supporters.

Lindell is a notorious conspiracy theorist who seems to leave a trail of wreckage in his wake. Last week, a Newsmax reporter walked off the set after Lindell started ranting about fixed voting machines.

Users shared screenshots of the claim on Twitter:

And on Reddit:

On Reddit, the post was tagged “Satire,” and Business Standard News featured a disclaimer on their “About” page indicating all their content was satirical in nature:

The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.

The circulating story about Lindell and “antifa sluts” was not the first Business Standard News (or “BS News”) item to go viral. Previous viral falsehoods included claims about various religious figures describing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “Satanic,” and another claim Pat Robertson described a “vision” of Jesus armed with an AK-47 in camouflage signaling the “second coming.” However, given statements that Lindell has legitimately made in recent months, readers can perhaps be forgiven for taking this particular story at face value.