Campaign for National Firefighers Day-Truth!

Email Campaign for National Firefighters DayGrassroots Project!

Summary of eRumor:
Referring to the work of firefighters on September 11, 2001, this email seeks to have a “National Firefighters Day” designated.  Another version suggests the day should be September 11 of each year.
A newer version includes a statement at the beginning of the email from 14-year-old Conner Geraghty who lost his firefighter father at the World Trade Center.

The Truth:
This is a grass-roots email effort in petition form.  When enough names are collected, it is supposed to be sent to an individual email address.  The email address varies from version to version.
Conner Geraghty is real and did issue an appeal in support of National Firefighters Day.  We confirmed that with a member of his family.  His father was Chief Edward Geraghty,

Although there have been National Firefighters Days proclaimed by the President in various individual years, there is apparently not an annual National Firefighter’s Day.
Email petitions are notoriously unsuccessful, so it is not clear what this one may accomplish.  (CLICK HERE to see our focus on email petitions.)
If you think the National Firefighters Day is a good idea, it’s probably best to write your representatives in congress.