The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act-Fiction!

The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act (NESARA)Fiction!



Summary of eRumor:
This is an eRumor that says there was secret legislation passed by congress and signed secretly by President Bill Clinton that would offer complete forgiveness of debts and abolish the Internal Revenue system.  It was going to be announced on September 11 by Alan Greenspan, but that was interrupted by the World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks.

The Truth:

This actually comes from, a website that originates in Australia and seems to sincerely collect unbelievable yet improvable stories.

Despite its preposterous claims, we’ve gotten a large number of requests about it. 

What can we say except that it’s utter nonsense that expresses the fondest dreams of people who are deeply in debt and hate the IRS (which represents a lot of people, but doesn’t make it true).

There was no such announcement scheduled by Alan Greenspan on September 11, there is no such bill that has been passed by Congress, there are no U.S. Supreme Court decisions to abolish the IRS, there are no homeowners in Orange County, California receiving forgiveness of their mortgage debt, there is no requirement for a new president to step down, there is no action in the World Court about this, the Bush administration did not order the September 11 attacks,  etc. etc. etc.