HIV infected needle at McDonald's in the ball pit-Fiction!

A Young Boy Dies After being Nicked By a Discarded Needle in a Ball Pit at McDonald’s-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:  
An email from a mother describes how she lost her “only” son, Kevin Archer, after discovering that he’d come into contact with the needle of a medical syringe while playing in a ball pit at a McDonald’s restaurant.  It turned out to have the HIV virus on it.  She issues a warning for parents to keep their kids safe.  To help authenticate the story, the email closes by saying that the story of Kevin Archer’s death can be found in the October 10, 1994 issue of the Houston Chronicle newspaper.
The Truth:

No evidence of this incident, or anything like it, can be found.  No evidence of this mother and or a child by this name who died as described can be found.  The Houston Chronicle (see the link below) denies that such a story ever ran in that newspaper.   This is one of a series of eRumors making the rounds of the net involving accidental exposure to needles.  There are also several versions of similar eRumors saying that people came into contact with HIV infected needles and came down with AIDS.  Although it’s always a good idea to keep children safe, these kinds of eRumors appeal to a fear in parents that keeps the eRumors alive and, probably, has contributed to some people’s willingness to even create or embellish them.
Last updated 2/1/01
For more information:  The Houston Chronicle