Nickelodeon-program about homosexuality?-Truth?

Nickelodeon Is Producing a Pro-Homosexual TV Program for Children-Truth!  


Summary of eRumor:

The email directs you to to try to halt the planned production of a “…program that will help normalize homosexuality among our nation’s children.” It says that the program is to be produced by Linda Ellerbee. It urges signing of the petition to tell Nickelodeon that children should not be propagandized to believe that homosexuality is normal and healthy. The email is said to be from Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition.

The Truth:

This program did take place on Tuesday, June 18.  It was produced by Linda Ellerbee and aired despite more than 100,000 protests from those who were concerned about what the program would convey.

The show was titled “Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different.”  It was about homosexual parents and mostly featured discussions among children and parents, some of whom were homosexual.  The protest was mounted by the Traditional Values Coalition who said they were concerned that the program would end up promoting homosexuality, not just talking about it.  They said their concern was based on the fact that Linda Ellerbee is pro-homosexual and has been supportive of many homosexual causes.  The program featured Rosie O’Donnell, who has recently revealed her homosexuality and also a statement from the Rev. Jerry Falwell about his opposition to homosexuality on grounds of Christian belief.  

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last updated 5/26/02