National Public Radio in trouble and needs funding-Fiction!

Petition to the President and Vice President to Save Funding For National Public RadioFiction!
Summary of eRumor:
A message says that Nina Tottenberg on National Public Radio said that if the Supreme Court supports congress, it will be the end of National Public Radio, Government officials feel that too much of the budget is being spent on “…something which is seen as not worthwhile.” The eRumor asks that you add your name to the bottom of the email as a petition to let your representatives know there is a base of support for NPR and that the petition will be sent to the president and vice president of the United States.
The Truth:  
This story is a hoax.
According to NPR, it was started by some college students who wanted to “test the power of the Internet.”
Note:  In June of  2005 Congress did enter into debate on whether to cut funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides funding to both the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR).
That is an actual event in Congress and unrelated to this email hoax, which has been circulating for several years.