Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run-Fiction!

Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

Did President Obama announce his intention to run for a third term, saying that he can not abandon the American people?

The Truth:

The source of this eRumor is an article from a satire site called the National Report, which should not be taken seriously.

In an attempt to lend credibility to the article, the writer said that the United States has had two presidents who have served more than 2 terms. That is incorrect.

Franklin Roosevelt was the only president elected to a third term. His fifth cousin, Theodore Roosevelt, was vice president when William McKinley was assassinated in 1901,who was six months into his second term. Roosevelt advanced to the Oval Office and served the remainder of McKinley’s term, and he became the youngest man to serve as president at the age of 42. At the end of that term, Roosevelt ran for office and was elected President in 1904. He served his term from 1905 to 1909. William Howard Taft was elected 27th president and in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt threw his hat in the ring as the progressive Bull Moose Party candidate. Neither Taft nor Roosevelt gained enough votes to defeat their Democratic rival, Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

The writer also mentioned a bill in Congress that was introduced by New York Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano to repeal the 22nd Amendment, limiting the number of terms that a U.S. president may serve. That bill, H.J. Res.15, was introduced on Jan. 4, 2013, and is expected to die in committee.

Posted 05/21/14