Nun Sues Krishna-Unproven!

Nun Sues Krishna-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a rumor alleging that a Catholic nun in Warsaw, Poland filed a lawsuit against the International Society for Krishna Consciousness  because they follow Krishna who the nun said  “had loose morals” because he had 16,000 wives.   The rumor goes on to say that the case was dropped by the judge because millions of nuns were alleged to be married to Jesus.


The Truth:

TruthOrFiction.Com has found no evidence that there was any case filed by a nun in Warsaw.

This story does have all the makings of an urban legend.   In all of the samples that we found on the Internet important facts were missing from the story. The eRumor was missing a first hand account, lacked names of the people involved and had no accurate date as to when this allegedly occurred.  

Posted 03/25/14