Obama the Antichrist?

The Biblical Anti-Christ Looks a Lot Like Barack Obama-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The message says that according the Bible the Antichrist is going to be a man in his forties, of Muslim descent and will have people flocking to him because of his promise of hope and world peace.  Once he’s in power he will destroy everything.  Then it asks the question “Is it OBAMA??”

The Truth:

This gets into the difficult realm of interpretation of the Bible and there are different groups and teachers who believe different things about Antichrist. 

But the bottom line is that there are no scripture references that say that the Antichrist is to be in his forties and of Moslem descent.  That part of the eRumor is contrived.  There are no teachers or groups who believe or teach that.

The term “antichrist” appears only in the first and second epistles of John and although John makes reference to the Antichrist, he also makes it clear that he’s concerned about “the spirit of antichrist” that is in the world, a spirit that does not acknowledge that Jesus is from God.  He says that because of that there are many antichrists.

Many Christian teachers believe that in both the Old Testament and the New Testament there appears to be warning of a person who toward the end of time will attain world leadership through false promises of peace and even performing supernatural signs.  Some refer to this person as “The Antichrist” and believe that he is “The Beast” described in the book of Revelation.

Updated 3/24/08