Obama Outlaws Russian AK-47 Rifles-Truth!

Obama Outlaws Russian AK-47 Rifles-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

This is what appears to be a news article alleging that “Obama outlaws AK-47 rifles with stroke of his unconstitutional pen.”

The Truth:

According to a July 17, 2014, article by Fox News, Russia’s failure to take steps to end the conflict in the Ukraine prompted President Barack Obama to announce the expansion of “sanctions targeting two banks, two energy companies, Ukraine separatists and defense companies.” 

The article said that the new sanctions would “prohibit American business contacts for eight Russian arms companies that make weapons, including small arms, mortars and surface-to-air missiles.” One of the arms companies included was the Kalashnikov Concern, a Russian manufacturer of the AK-47. 

Prior to this executive order, sales of the AK-47 has been met with restrictions or ban over the course of several decades.   

Posted 7/18/2014