Sean Hannity Investigates Barack Obama on Fox News-Truth! Fiction! & Unproven!

 Fox News to Air Sean Hannity’s Investigation on Barack Obama October 11, 2008-Truth!

Fox News to Air Sean Hannity’s Special Investigation on Barack Obama This Sunday – Fiction!
Fox News to the Documentary 2016 about Barack Obama This Weekend – Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

An email alerting that an “important documentary” about Barack Obama that will be airing on Fox News Sunday at 8PM.   In the years that followed the election of President Obama variations began to surface. Emails saying that Fox News would rebroadcast this special report on Sunday night. 

In the late summer of 2012 similar emails began to surface that said that Fox News would be airing the documentary 2016.   Usually on the following Monday there is an email saying that these shows did not air because the Obama administration threatened to pull the FCC license of the news network.

The Truth:

Updated 9/26/12  This eRumor has risen from the ashes with a new twist.  The latest claim that the documentary 2016 will air on the news network on the weekend is a hoax.  During the month of September we have seen no promotions for the upcoming screening nor has the film aired on the news network.  Also, Fox already has movie channels on the cable and dish networks where such a film would air.  2016 was released in theatres in July 2012 and was out in the movie theatres at the time of this eRumor surfaced.

Updated 1/24/10
  Rumors have once again hit the Internet telling readers to set their recorders for a special Fox investigation of the friends of President Obama. There was no Fox Special hosted by Sean Hannity on Sunday the 23rd of January 2012.  
Update 3/29/10
: There was no Fox News Special hosted by Sean Hannity on March 28, 2010.  The regular scheduled Sunday evening line up consisted of programs hosted by Chris Wallace, Mike Hucabee and Geraldo Rivera.

This eRumor increased in circulation during the weekend of 3/27/10 warning readers to set their recorders to Fox News on Sunday night for a special expose by commentator Sean Hannity on President Obama.  Past forwarded emails omitted the date of the broadcast but this week’s version actually mentioned Sunday March 28, 2010.   An original Sean Hannity Special aired on October 11, 2008 while Barack Obama was campaigning for the Oval Office.

This is not the first incident of a false warning of the Fox airing. During the week of August 3, 2009 eRumors began circulating to alert viewers of a special program that Fox News Network would be airing on Sunday, August 9, 2009 hosted by Sean Hannity.  Our investigation team closely monitored the Fox News Channel but did not see any  promotions during the commercial breaks to advertise the “special” program nor was there any mention of the upcoming special during normal programming. 

The following Monday, August 10, 2009, eRumors began to circulate saying that the program did not air or was content was edited. Some versions of the email go as far to blame the Obama Administration for silencing the program.   The investigation team is awaiting a response from Fox News.

This eRumor originally circulated heavily during the weekend of October 11, 2008 but the program aired Sunday, October 5th, 2008.  That program aired as it was supposed to and was very well promoted during the week. 

Sean Hannity hosted an evening news commentary program for 12 years on the Fox News Network along with Alan Colmes at 9PM (Eastern) weeknights on the Fox News Network. Hannity and Colmbes have parted company and Sean now hosts “Hannity’s America” news/talk program in the same time slot.  Hannity is a conservative and Colmes is a liberal and together they discuss news items with guests and contributors from both perspectives in an attempt to bring what they call a “Fair and Balanced” commentary of current events.

Hannity also has a Sunday night program called “Hannity’s America” and on October 5th, 2008 the Fox News Network aired a feature called Obama & Friends: History of Radicalism. Hannity said it investigated the Democratic candidate’s “ties to controversial people and radical groups including exclusive information revealed for the first time.”

The program included topics such as whether Barack Obama was involved with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), his college years and his role as a community organizer.

 Fox News has posted video segments on their web site and have announced another Hannity’s America’ Special Obama & Friends – History of Radicalism Part II: Another revealing hour of Obama’s questionable relationships  to be aired on Sunday, October 19, 2008

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updated 09/26/12