Old Blackboards Discovered During Oklahoma School Remodel-Truth!

Old Blackboards Discovered During Oklahoma School Remodel-Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

Workers remodeling Emerson High School in Oklahoma discovered blackboards from 1917 with perfectly preserved writings and drawings.

The Truth:

This one is true.

In June 2015, workers remodeling Emerson High School discovered writings and drawings on blackboards that were nearly 100 years old behind newer black boards that were covering them, the Oklahoman reports:  

“Emerson, built in 1895, is undergoing MAPS for Kids renovations. Workers discovered the blackboards Wednesday when they pulled existing chalkboards and cork boards off the walls to make way for Smart Boards, interactive whiteboards that use touch detection for user input.”

The writing indicates that new blackboards were placed over the older blackboards in a number of classrooms in November and December of 1917. “We this day give to this room slate blackboards,” is scrawled on one blackboard in cursive, along with the date November 30, 1917.

Children named Agnes, Gladys, Homer and Mable had signed the blackboards. There were also English and math assignments written on them, along with instructions on cleaning the room.