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OurMine Seizes Popeyes, Burger King Web Sites

Late on May 14 2020 (or early on May 15 2020) Popeyes.com and BurgerKing.com were hacked, replaced with the following message, an email address, and the hashtag #OurMine:

Our Mine is here[,] contact us for better security[.]

Use of the hashtag #OurMine enabled users to connect on sites like Twitter after visited Popeyes’ (archived) and Burger King’s (archived) vandalized domains. Just after midnight on May 15 2020, not many seemed to notice the domains had been replaced.

However, a handful of Twitter users commented on the missing sites (perhaps due to the late hour):

Smashing Magazine was also affected:

Of the messages on the pages and the group cited, a Wikipedia page described some of the group’s previous efforts and indicated:

OurMine is a hacker group that is known for hacking (popular) accounts and websites, often causing cybervandalism, to advertise their commercial services; this is one of the reasons they are not considered to be a “white hat” group.

As of 12:41 AM Eastern Standard Time, #OurMine messages remained on both BurgerKing.com and Popeyes.com. We will update this page when additional information emerges.

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