An Alaskan Fishman's Commentary About Governor Sarah Palin-Confirmed Authorship!

An Alaskan Fishman’s Commentary About Governor Sarah Palin-Confirmed Authorship!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded commentary by an Alaskan Fisherman that lists what the author considers to be the accomplishments of Governor Sarah Palin.

The Truth:

Dewie Whetsell wrote the commentary called “Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments,” in July 2009.

Whetsell is a thirty-four year veteran and former volunteer fire chief from Cordova, Alaska. He is also an author, poet and a fisherman.  Shortly after he wrote this article it went viral on the World Wide Web.  Since then, various versions have surfaced under different titles, most recently as “The Real Truth About Sarah Palin” with additional commentaries not written by Whetsell. 

The original version can be found on Whetsell’s Restless Brain Syndrome blog site along with updated notes by the author.   Click for Whetsell’s blog.

Governor Palin also included the commentary in her autobiography, “Going Rogue.”   It can be found on page 405 after a brief introduction by former Alaskan Governor.

Updated 12/9/10