Pilot Flying J Truck Stops Remove American Flag-Reported as Fiction!

Pilot Flying J Truck Stops Remove American Flag-Reported as Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

A viral video posted on Facebook claims that Pilot Flying J truck stops removed the American flag because it offended foreign-born customers.

The Truth:

Pilot Flying J says that it has not removed the American flag from its truck stops. That rumor started after a video showed an empty store flagpole in Amarillo. But the company says the flagpole was being repaired at the time.
A commercial truck driver named Dave Moore posted a video from outside the Pilot Flying J truck stop in May 2018. Moore’s video shows an empty flagpole, and he says he went inside to ask why there was no flag. “He said they had an issue with foreigners coming in here and complaining, and they didn’t want to lose the foreigners’ business, so they took it down.” Within days, the video was share 3 million times.
The video sparked outrage and calls for boycotts from angry viewers. But Pilot Flying J has since issued statements indicating that there had been a misunderstanding. A statement noted that the company was started by a Korean War veteran more than 60 years ago, and “Pilot Flying J shows that pride in all of our locations, whether that is a flag outside, promoting military products in our stores, or through our philanthropic efforts with Wreaths Across America and Fisher House Foundation.” The company goes onto explain that the flagpole at the store in Amarillo was damaged, and was being repaired. “We regret our team member was misinformed. Our intent is to raise the flag as soon as the pole is repaired and proper flag protocols are in place to show it the respect it deserves.”
In another statement released to local Texas media outlets, Pilot Flying J explained that the company adheres to military rules and protocols for displaying the flag. “Everything from how it’s raised and flown, to how it’s lit at night. Our goal is to ensure we show the flag the respect it deserves at our locations that fly the red, white and blue.”
So, based on the Pilot Flying J’s explanation, we’re reporting this one as fiction.