Tips on pumping gas from a pipeline employee-Fiction!

Tips on Pumping Gas From a Pipeline Employee-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:

A list of tips about how to pump gas most efficiently so that you can save fuel costs.  Tips such as getting gas in the morning and filling the tank when it is still half full.  The writer of the email says he’s an employee of the Kinder Morgan Pipeline in San Jose.

The Truth:

A spokesperson for the Kinder Morgan companies in Houston, Texas, told that as far as he knows this email did not originate from a Kinder Morgan employee.  He added that although it is true that temperature and pressure affect the volume of liquids and gases, the impact on the average vehicle gas tank is so small that the advice in this eRumor is of little value.  Most storage tanks at gas stations are so deeply underground and some of them insulated or double-insulated, that the temperatures of the fuel in them do not fluctuate very much.

Updated 11/22/07