The British Airways attendant who turned the tables on a racist passenger-Unproven!

British Airways Flight Attendant Turns the Tables on a Racist Passenger-Unproven!



Summary of eRumor:  
A racist passenger on a British Airways flight from Johannesburg objects to being seated next to a black man.  She asks for another seat.  The flight attendant says the flight is full, but that she’ll check.  She later returns to say there is one seat in first class and that the captain of the plane has approved a transfer to that seat because he feels that someone should not have to sit next to such an obnoxious person.  The flight attendant then turns to the black man and invites him to the first class seat to the cheers and applause of other passengers.

The Truth:

This smacks of an urban legend and has not been able find any substantiation for it, so we’re classifying it as
Unproven!  If anyone knows of any information about it, let us know.