Rented trucks stolen by presumed terrorists-Fiction!

Several Rented Trucks Have Been Stolen By Possible TerroristsFiction!



Summary of eRumor:
An email from a person who says his or her father works for a federal agency in New York.  The father says that more than 30 rented trucks from Ryder, U-Haul, and Verizon have disappeared within 24 hours.  The message says most of them were rented by people of Arab descent.  You are urged to try to be aware of rented trucks in areas of New York (the message mentions Albany) and stay away from them.  Also, stay away from public places.

The Truth:

Spokespersons for Ryder, U-Haul, and Verizon say there have been no more trucks missing in recent days than normal and that they do not have any evidence that there has been a particular number of persons of Arab descent renting trucks.

The origin on the email is not known and there is no substantiation for what it claims.