Pray for Pat Boone's Grandson, Ryan-Truth!

Pat Boone’s Adult Grandson Is No Longer in a Coma, But Needs Prayer-Truth! & Updated!

Summary of eRumor:
A prayer alert about Ryan Corbin, the grandson of singer Pat Boone. Ryan is described as being in a coma in Southern California with brain injury from a fall of three stories.
The Truth:
11/13/03: Ryan is out of the coma and continuing to make progress. He is being cared for at home, can speak, respond to other around him, and is showing lots of evidence that “Ryan” is fully there.
He has made amazing progress but still has some distance to go and hurdles to overcome toward full recovery..
Much of the world has been kept up-to-date on Ryan’s progress through several appearances by Pat Boone and other family members on CNN’s Larry King show.
Ryan is 25 years old and on 6/19/01was sun-tanning with friends on the roof of the condo in Southern California where he lives. There is a skylight on the roof and nobody knows exactly how, because his friends were walking ahead of him, but Ryan accidentally fell through the skylight to a cement floor more than 3 stories below. He struck some stairway guardrails on the way down, which helped break his fall, but he hit the floor with such an impact that paramedics who arrived on the scene thought he was beyond hope.
In the intensive care unit at UCLA Medical Center, there were other moments when hope seemed to be beyond reach, but Ryan has miraculously survived minute-by-minute from collapsed lungs, kidney failure, heart stoppage, having his spleen removed, and brain surgery. His skull was crushed in the fall but, amazingly, there were no other broken bones.