The Salvation Army has approved benefits for domestic partnerships-Truth! But Reversed!

The Salvation Army Has Approved Benefits for Domestic PartnershipsDecision Reversed!



Summary of eRumor:
The eRumor says that a division of the Salvation Army has decided to give health-care benefits to domestic partners.  The email includes an article from Agape Press that says the action brought the Salvation Army’s Western Corporation into compliance with a San Francisco ordinance that bars companies from doing business with the city if they don’t provide the benefits to homosexual and unwed partners.  

The Truth:

This was true, but on November 12, 2001, The Salvation Army rescinded the decision.  In a statement, the Army said its Commissioner’s Conference had established a national policy to extend health benefits to employees spouse and dependent children only.

The previous policy decision had been made by the Salvation’s Army’s Western Corporation.