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Trump Rally vs. Live Aid

In May 2019, a suspicious looking meme began to make the usual rounds on social media. It shows a huge crowd of people packing a venue raptly gazing at a stage bearing “Trump 2020” signs on either side, with a third Trump banner over the audience: The text over the photograph said: No, this is […]

Does a ‘Leaked’ British Intelligence Document Prove Trump Wiretapping Claims?

In April 2019, in the days and weeks following the release of a heavily anticipated (and heavily redacted) Special Counsel’s report on interference into the 2016 United States presidential elections, rumors and speculation reinvigorated a March 2017 conspiracy theory that British intelligence spied on the Trump campaign for the Obama administration: President Trump provoked a rare public dispute with […]

John McCain vs. Donald Trump in 1973 Meme

In March 2019, United States President Donald Trump made several comments about Sen. John McCain, who died of brain cancer the previous August. Trump’s 2019 comments continued a feud that he had had with McCain before his death: President Donald Trump’s feud with the late Sen. John McCain dates back many years, to long before […]

Did Taxpayers Foot the Bill for the Trump Family’s Dinner at His Property While Furloughed Workers Went Unpaid?

On January 24 2019, a Facebook user shared the following shutdown related meme to Facebook: Beneath a photograph of Donald Trump, his children, and their spouses, text stated: So get this … Last Night, Taxpayers Paid Donald Trump To Feed Donald Trump At A Donald Trump Restaurant In A Donald Trump Hotel. The individual who […]

Did Donald Trump Say He Would ‘Gladly Take… Slings and Arrows’ of Criticism for His Supporters?

On January 21 2019, the Facebook page “We Love President Donald J. Trump” shared the following quotation meme: Beneath an image of Donald Trump, the text said: They knew they would throw every lie they could at me and my family and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to […]

Did First Lady Melania Trump Announce a Child Wellness Initiative on the Same Day President Trump Asked for CHIP Cuts?

In January 2019 amid an ongoing government shutdown, a May 2018 Occupy Democrats meme showed up once again on Facebook: Under a photograph of Melania Trump and President Trump, text stated: Today, Melania Trump announced her new agenda, focused on “children’s health and well-being.” Also today, Donald Trump asked Congress to cut $7 billion from […]

Did President Trump Say ‘Illegal Immigration’ Has Been a Problem in the U.S. for ‘Thousands of Years’?

On January 6, 2019,  the following status update appeared, paraphrasing purported comments made by United States President Donald Trump which described “illegal immigration” as an American problem for “thousands of years”: The text-based, citation-free commentary read: Trump said illegal immigration has been a problem in America for “thousands of years.” Is it possible to be any […]