Selena’s Killer Released from Prison – Fiction!

Selena’s Killer Released from Prison – Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

The woman who murdered Selena, “the queen of Tejano music,” will be released from prison.

The Truth:

It’s not true that Selena’s killer will be set free.

The eRumor started with a story published by the National Report, a fake news website that often uses the names of real people in “semi-real or mostly fictitious ways,” according to its disclaimer

The fake article cited a bogus petition titled, “No early release for Selena Quintanilla-Perez’s murderer, Yolanda Salvidar,” that said:

“The murderer of Selena Quintanilla-Perez is slated to be released from prison early due to health issues. This would be an abortion of justice. Please do not release this woman who took the life of such a promising and talented woman. Yolanda Saldivar needs to serve out the rest of her sentence, and be behind bars for the remainder of her natural life.”

A user named Beatriz Garcia created the petition. But the photo that accompanies Garcia’s profile was taken from the website Royalty Free Stock Photos, so it’s safe to assume that the entire profile was a hoax. Still, it took less than a day for more than 5,000 users to support the petition.

But as is often the case with satire, it appears that the National Report story has a kernel of truth. The website TMZ reports that Salvidar could get an early release from prison if she can prove that her health is deteriorating:

“There are reports Yolanda Saldivar — who shot and killed the Tejano icon in a hotel in 1995 — was in declining health due to kidney failure and asked the Parole Board for an immediate release.

“But our sources say Saldivar has some medical issues but none serious enough to warrant early release. What’s more … she has NOT even filed a petition for early release.”

Salvidar, the former president of Selena’s fan club, was convicted in 1995 of murdering Selena. Salvidar had been accused of embezzling money from Selena’s business interests before the murder. Salvidar was sentenced to life in prison and won’t be eligible for parole until March 30, 2025, the New York Times reports