Share a Coke Campaign Includes the name “Isis”-Resolved!

Share a Coke Campaign Includes the name “Isis” – Resolved!

Summary of eRumor:
Coca-Cola printed the name “Isis” on bottles of Coke during its “Share a Coke” marketing campaign.
The Truth:
It’s true that the name “Isis” appeared on bottles of Coke sold in the Netherlands in 2014.
But Coca-Cola said that Isis, a common name for Dutch girls, was removed from the Share a Coke campaign after the ISIS terrorist group gave the name new meaning:

“This is not one of the 1,000 Share a Coke names available in the U.S. It is a popular name in the Netherlands and was used in their 2014 campaign among 2,500 of the most common Dutch names. It is unfortunate that it took on another meaning while the campaign was in market. The name is no longer available in the Netherlands.”

Isis wasn’t included in searchable database of names used in the 2015 Share a Coke promotion. And it’s true that Isis is a common name in the Netherlands. It has consistently ranked in the top 100 most popular names there.
It’s fairly easy to tell the difference between the terrorist group and the female name, too. ISIS is spelled with capital letters because it’s an abbreviation for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.