His Eye is On the Sparrow at Starbucks-Truth!

His Eye is On the Sparrow-At StarbucksTruth!



Summary of eRumor:

A warm story about a man who is a musician and who was  performing at a Starbucks.  A woman who caught his eye because of her being caught up in the music came and apologized if her singing along had been a problem. He spontaneously asked her if she wanted to sing.  She accepted,  said she’d like to sing a hymn, and asked him to choose one.  He suggested “His Eye is On The Sparrow,” a well-known and much-loved Christian song.  She sang, the audience loved it, and afterwards, she told the musician that it was been interesting that he had chosen that particular song because it had been her 16-year-old daughter’s favorite song, who had died the previous week.

The Truth:

This is based on an article by John Thomas Oaks and published in the November/December edition of Christian Reader.