St. Bernards are being served as food in China-Truth!

St. Bernard Dogs are Being Used For Table Meat in China-Truth!



Summary of eRumor:

The email is a petition asking that St. Bernard dogs not be exported from other countries to China because they are being tortured, killed, and eaten.

The Truth:

According to numerous reports from news organizations and animal rights groups, St. Bernard dogs are being used to interbreed with Chinese dog lines to produce meat dogs.  A BBC report from February 6, 2001, says dog meat is a delicacy in China and that a Swiss group called on the Swiss government to protest the use of the St. Bernards, which are a Swiss national symbol.  The animal rights group ASIANS FOR HUMANS, ANIMALS, AND NATURE, says the dogs are valued for breeding because their offspring grow quickly, require less food, can be ready for market in four months, and their friendly disposition makes things safer for breeders.  There are reports that the dogs are handled in such a way as to increase their adrenaline levels when killed, mostly because of the belief that it will help the sexual performance of men.
For more information: The SOS St. Bernard Dogs website from Switzerland