Stolen license plates used to steal gas-Unproven!

Stolen License Plates Used to Steal Gasoline-Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

This message claims that the facts came from a state trooper.  It alerts everybody to be aware of whether your license plate has been stolen because thieves are using them in schemes to steal gasoline.  They allegedly put the stolen plate on a car then drive away from a gas station without paying.  If someone got the license plate number–you could be the one in trouble for “pump and run.”

The Truth:

This eRumor doesn’t identify the alleged trooper who was the source of the information or what state and city these events took place. 

We’ve not found any official law enforcement warnings or cases where this has happened, but it’s clearly possible.

It doesn’t matter why someone took your license plate—the theft needs to be reported.  Most commonly, license plates are taken by crooks who don’t want a car to be identified by the license plate such as in an auto theft, a robbery, or some other crime. 

Also, if a stolen plate has been used in a crime, the owner of the plate is not going to be held responsible.  If someone stole some gas using your license plate on the car they used for the theft, the crook is responsible, not the person from whom the plate was stolen.

Updated 5/30/08