"The Christmas Miracle" of Santa and Sarah-Truth!

“The Christmas Miracle” of Santa and Sarah- Truth!

Summary of eRumor:

A forwarded email with the story of a shopping mall Santa who hears about a little girl named Sarah who has leukemia and is not expected to live to see Christmas.  At the request of her brother and grandmother, he pays her a hospital visit and gives her the gift of Hope through encouragement and paryer.  A year later Sarah surprises Santa by showing up at the mall where he worked.

The Truth:

“The Christmas Miracle” took place in December 1997, according to Susan Leonard who wrote the story based on a first hand account from her husband, Mark R. Lenonard who is a professional Santa Claus.

Susan Leonard told Truthorfiction.com that he has not seen Sarah since the second visit in 1998 and their deepest regret was not getting her contact information.

The Leonards have put up a website that says that the story was also published in a Guideposts hard cover Christmas book.   Click here for the Mark R. Leonard web site

The Mayfair Mall, where this is said to have taken place is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin which lies about 10 miles West of Milwaukee.  A spokesperson for the mall told Truthorfiction.com that they get inquiries every December.  There were not able to verify the story.  Susan Leonard told Truthorfiction.com that the mall Santas were employed by a private agency.

updated 12/16/08