Labor Union Tells Supporters to Vote For U.S. Flag Ban on Fox News Poll-Fiction!


Summary of eRumor:


This is a forwarded email that tells of a Fox News poll posted on their web site that asks if the American flag should be banned from schools. The email warns that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and have been encouraging followers to participate in the poll and to vote to support the ban.  The email also encourages true patriots to go to the link and vote to keep the flag in schools.


The Truth:


This poll is on the Fox News web site and the SEIU denied encouraging supporters to participate.  A posted statement on their web site saying that they “would never encourage people to vote to ban the American flag.”  The labor union went on to say, “We also don’t often drive traffic to Fox’s website either, so that should have been a red flag as well.”

This poll was sparked by a May 5, 2010 news story of students being sent home from a Morgan Hill, Ca school for wearing American Flag shirts on a day that is celebrated by Hispanics from Mexico known as “Cinco de Mayo.”

Over two million votes have been tabulated but it is important to remember that these results would have no change to any existing policies.  The poll is also clearly labeled at the bottom to say that it is not a scientific poll.

 A spokesperson for told that the allegations are “categorically false.”


Image of viewer poll taken from Fox News web site.

update 07/19/10


A real example of the eRumor as it has appeared on the Internet:

This is just sickening. Only 56% have voted on the FOX poll to NOT ban the flag in school and something like 36% voted YES, to ban it.

What is going on in this country?? Read below.

Fox is running a poll about whether the flag should be banned in schools in order not to inflame Hispanic students. The poll is being sandbagged by SEIU and we should mount a counter action if you agree with me that the flag should be taken down for no one., Organizing for America , and SEIU have been twittering today to go to Fox Poll and vote to ban the Flag …. and right now it is working.

SHOW THEM WHAT TRUE PATRIOTS BELIEVE!!! Let’s flip those numbers and show the leftists we are organized and on the
move….flip the numbers now-FLIP THE HOUSE in November!


……….and then pass it along!