Supermarket rebuke of an Iraqi woman-Unproven!

Supermarket Put-Down of Iraqi Woman-Unproven!


Summary of eRumor:

The story of an encounter between a super market cashier and a woman from Iraq.
The Iraqi notices the cashier’s U.S. flag and asks when the bombing of her countrymen is going to stop.
Another man in line puts his arm around the shoulder of a soldier who is also standing in line and explains that Americans like him are fighting and dying so that the Iraqi lady can accuse a cashier of bombing her countrymen.
He continued by saying that he’d be glad to buy her a ticket back to Iraq so she could straighten out the mess that she’s obviously in the U.S. to avoid.

The Truth:

This story has circulated since shortly after the war in Iraq started.
The location and other details of the story have varied with each telling, but we’ve never found any credible source for it.

Last updated 10/1/05