9/11 Survivor Stories: Stanley Praimnath-Truth!

“The Story of Stanley Praimnath Who Was Just a Few Feet From Where the Hijacked Plane Hit Tower Two-Truth! 



Summary of eRumor:  
The survival story of Stanley Praimnath..

The Truth:

We have confirmed this with Mr. Praimnath’s church and the headquarters of his denomination, which did a story on him.  Also, one of our staff happened to catch a television interview with him.

One note…as a matter of integrity, we do not edit the eRumors when we post them, such as below.  This version of this eRumor, however, quotes Mr. :Praimnath as saying that he saw American Airlines flight number 11 headed for his building, which is incorrect.  He was in tower two, which was struck by a United Airlines plane.  We checked the original of this story, however, which was published by the Assemblies of God News Service.  It correctly identified the plane as being a United flight.