Swastika Rings Were Posted on Sears, Amazon Websites – Previously Truth!  Now Resolved!

Swastika Rings Were Posted on Sears, Amazon Websites – Previously Truth!  Now Resolved!

Summary of eRumor:

Swastika rings were allegedly posted for sale on Sears’ and Amazon’s websites.

The Truth:

Sears confirmed that a third-party seller posted swastika rings for sale on the Marketplace section of the company’s website. The “sideways swastika” ring was also posted at Amazon.com before a link to the item was deactivated.

Sears said an independent third-party seller posted the swastika ring under the Marketplace section of Sears.comSears Marketplace enables thousands of independent third-party sellers to peddle their wares at Sears.com as part of a “community of sellers” who work with Sears to provide “millions of additional items” to customers.

“All Marketplace sellers must accept our seller agreement terms in order to sell their items on sears.com and part of that agreement includes an understanding that certain offensive items may not be listed. If a problem occurs, we take appropriate action,” Sears said on its Facebook page.

The swastika rings, which had been posted under the men’s fashion section, were removed on October 13, 2014.

“We are outraged that more than one of our independent third-party sellers posted offensive items on Sears Marketplace,” the company said.

Amazon declined to comment on the matter, Bloomberg reports.

Posted 10/14/14