Sylvia Thompson on President Obama’s Legacy-Confirmed Authorship!

Sylvia Thompson on President Obama’s Legacy-Confirmed Authorship!
Summary of eRumor:
Sylvia Thompson argues that President Obama is not seeking legacy in a column that has gone viral.
The Truth:
We can confirm that Sylvia Thompson wrote this column about Obama’s legacy.
Sylvia Thompson, who identifies herself as a “black conservative writer,” wrote a column that was published by Renew America in October 2015 under the headline, “Barack Obama Is Not Seeking ‘Legacy.’”
In the column, Sylvia Thompson argues in the column that Obama is not legacy building because “the term legacy has positive connotations of something bequeath that is to the receiver’s benefit” and “everything that Barack Obama does is calculated to destroy America, which he despises.”
Sylvia Thompson takes issue with a number of Obama’s policies, including the nuclear deal with Iran and what she calls “imposition of a polluting homosexual, anti-Christian agenda upon military ranks.” She continues:

Many, many Americans are thoroughly fed up with Barack Obama and the spineless crop of political leaders who ignore his criminality. It is yet unknown whether Republicans will ever garner the backbone to become a true opposition party and hold him accountable. Promising signs are the House conservatives’ getting rid of establishment types John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker and Speaker hopeful, respectively, and Donald Trump’s entry into the 2016 presidential race with enough money and testicular fortitude to tell the Establishment and the Left where to shove it.

Should these positive trends not continue and the 2016 election cycle yield no movement to counter all the harm that Barack Obama has done to this nation, I think there will be massive disruption. Those folks in the National Rifle Association ads currently running on television seem very serious to me, and that is a good thing.

Renew America is a right-wing website that was founded in 2002 to provide “grassroots support for Allan Keyes’ MSNBC TV show ‘Alan Keyes Making Sense.’ However, the website has evolved into a “significant Christian political vehicle — gathering scores of talented new writers (along with a handful of well-known established ones); promoting the core issues of moral conservatism in a highly-readable ‘magazine’ format,” according to its “About” page.
Sylvia Thompson is a regular contributor to the website and has been highly critical of Obama. Her biography states:

Sylvia Thompson is a black conservative writer whose aim is to counter the liberal spin on issues pertaining to race and culture.

Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.

She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve, nor will we ever elevate our culture, as long as there are victims to be pandered to and villains to be vilified. America is better served without victims or villains.