"A German's View on Islam" by Dr. Emanuel Tanay-Fiction!

A German’s View on Islam” by Dr. Emanuel Tanay-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:

This is a forwarded article alleged to have been written by Dr. Emanuel Tanay called “A German’s View on Islam.

The Truth:

Dr. Emanuel Tanay is real and a holocaust survivor but he did not write this article, nor is he German.

This is an opinion piece that appeared on the blog of Paul Marek, on February 21 2006, under the title of “Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant.” The article was picked up by the Israel National News and appeared the publication in March 2007. Click heree for article.

Dr. Emanuel Tanay, the son of Jewish dentists, was born in Russian occupied Vilna in 1928, which is now part of Lithuania,  according to the personal account of his life in a Polish ghetto during the Holocaust

Marek’s article was apparently altered and posted on several reader and comment boards on the World Wide Web. Some altered versions include Marek as the author and cite Tanay as the original forwarder of the story.  

Posted  07/30/10   Updated 08/14/14