Target says no to the Salvation Army and yes to sex toys?-Truth! & Fiction!

Target Stores Still Banning the Salvation Army But Adding Sex Toys-Truth! & Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
The email says that Target stores are once again banning the Salvation Army red kettles from their stores and are also adding sex toys to their product line.

The Truth:
This email is an alert from the American Family Association, a Christian watchdog group in Mississippi.
Prior to the 2004 Christmas season, Target stores made the decision to no longer allow the Salvation Army to collect funds through the familiar red kettles and the bell-ringing Salvation army volunteers.
That was viewed by many Christian groups as an anti-religious decision.
The AFA release says that the ban on Salvation Army solicitors at Target stores is continuing into the 2005 season and, as an perhaps an additional affront to morality, Target is adding sex toys to its product line.

The ban on the Salvation Army is true.
Target said in 2004 that its decision was meant to accommodate the many requests it gets for solicitation and there was no indication that it was temporary. CLICK HERE for that story.
During the 2005 holiday season a partnership was announced between Target stores and the Salvation Army to donate items to victims of the 2005 hurricanes in the U.S. as well as other needy families.
The allegation that Target is going to carry sex toys has been denied by a Target spokesman, according to NBC news.
The issue surrounds a product line from Trojan, the maker of condoms, called “Elexa.”
WTOP radio in Washington D.C. quoted a spokesman from Trojan as saying that the Elexa line of products was going to be sold in Target stores.
That part is true but Target says it will be carrying the condoms and other feminine products, not sex toys such as the Elexa vibrators.
The eRumor also says that Wal-Mart is welcoming the Salvation Army solicitors, and that is true.
Last updated 11/23/05