How tax cuts work-Unproven!

“How Tax Cuts Work”Unproven!

Summary of eRumor:

This is an attempt to use a story to try to explain the complexity of taxes and tax cuts.

The Truth:

 The biggest question about this eRumor is not so much whether it’s an accurate picture of taxation as to who actually wrote it.

The most recent version that has circulated on the Internet attributes it to David R. Kamerschen, a professor of Economics at the University of Georgia.

On his website, however, he denies that he wrote it and says he doesn’t know who did. How his name got attached to it, he does not know.

Different version says it was written by another university professor, T. Davies of the University of South Dakota.   He also denies that he wrote it.

So its origins is still a mystery.

Updated 11/22/04