Ban Internet taxes-Truth!

The U.S. Congress is Considering Extending a Ban On Internet TaxesTruth!

Summary of eRumor:
The story says that a current American ban on certain Internet taxes is due to expire in October, 2001.  You are urged to write members of congress to encourage them to extend it.

The Truth:
The “Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998” is due to expire on October 21.
Congress is considering legislation that would extend the act, which bans certain Internet taxes.
According to the office California Representative Christopher Cox, who is the author of some  of the legislation, the ban deals with several issues:
Among other things, it prevents states from taxing Internet access. It also preserves the current status of sales taxes on the Internet.  Most of us have to pay sales taxes on Internet purchases only if we’re buying from a company within our state.  The extension of the ban would ensure that there would not be an expansion of sales taxes on all purchases from all states, for example.
This should not be confused with an email hoax that said congress was going to tax emails.  CLICK HERE for that story.
updated 07/17/12