Teddy Stoddard

The Inspirational Story of Dr. Theodore Stoddard and the Inflience of His Teacher, Mrs. ThompsonFiction!



Summary of eRumor:

According to the eRumor, Teddy Stoddard was a little guy in Mrs. Thompson’s fifth grade class that she just didn’t like very much.  He was unpleasant, messy, and earned bad grades.  Saw in his past records that Teddy’s mother had died when he was in the third grade and that his life had deteriorated after that.  She began treating him differently and he later praised her for making a difference in his life, a difference that helped him get through high school, college, and medical school and become a doctor.  He also asked her to take his mom’s place at his wedding.

The Truth:

This story is widely circulated as true.  We’ve received several versions, two of which are listed below.  Some versions list Teddy’s name as Stoddart.  

The story was written by Elizabeth Silance Ballard and published in Home Life magazine in 1976.  It was not represented as being a true story but rather as a piece of fiction.  It was later republished in the magazine in 1976 with the notation that it was one of the most requested stories in the magazine’s history.

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