The day after Thanksgiving the busiest for shoppers?-Fiction!

The Day After Thanksgiving is the Biggest Shopping 
Day of the Year in the United States


Summary of eRumor:

It is popularly believed that the day after Thanksgiving in November is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States.  There are email warnings about everything from traffic to crowded conditions at shopping malls.

The Truth:

According to the 44,000 member International Council of Shopping centers, the day after Thanksgiving is not the hottest shopping day.

The records of the Council say the busiest day is the Saturday before Christmas as last-minute shoppers hit the stores. They figure that the day after Thanksgiving ranks fifth.

For many retailers the day after Thanksgiving is an important one.

It’s known among businesses as “Black Friday” because that is the day they are hoping that their sales figures will go from the red into the black because of the beginning of Christmas shopping.

Last updated 11/26/03