Does God speak today?-Unproven!

The Young Man Who Felt God Led Him to Buy Milk and Led Him to a Family Who Needed It-



Summary of eRumor:

An unnamed young man is challenged at a Bible study about listening to and obeying the voice of God.  He wonders whether God still speaks to people today and tells God that he’s willing to listen and do his best to obey.   He feels an impression to stop and buy some milk.  After that, he feels led to drive to a certain areas of town and to give the milk to the people in a particular house.  He’s hesitant because it’s so late at night, but goes to the door, knocks, tells an unhappy-looking man at the door why he is there, and gives him the milk.  The man takes the milk, runs down the hallway talking loudly in Spanish, and later appears back at the door with tears in his eyes and says he and his wife were just praying for some way to get milk for their child.  The wife asks the man at the door if he is an angel because she had asked God to send an angel.

The Truth:

For those who believe in God performing miracles, this story is not hard to believe.  The problem, however, is that there are no names, dates, or places that would help give the story credibility.  The world is filled with people who have first-hand experiences of this nature, and those are the versions that need to be circulated, not ones that are written in a way that feels like fiction.  

If the story is true and anyone has information on it, we’ll appreciate it.